Why There is Fat Tax on plus size clothes for woman?-Devis Fashion Wear

Why There is Fat Tax on plus size clothes for woman?-Devis Fashion Wear

Should there be a fat tax on plus size clothes for woman?

This is a very common question which most of the plus-sized ladies would be asking. You might be concerned as a plus-sized lady whether this kind of tax is indeed in your best interest or not. You may have well labelled the government as being discriminative to you.

But is that the case? Is the ‘fat tax’ really justifiable? Could it be that there are some hidden benefits which even you may stand to gain? Well, to let us understand the truth, it is necessary to examine both sides of this argument.

Pro’s of Having Fat Tax on Plus Size Clothes for a Woman

Our first part of the discussions shall look into the benefits of such a tax to the individual and the economy as a whole. Below are some of the benefits that this tax on plus-sized clothes may confer to any society that levies it:

Encourages Healthier Diets

Generally speaking, taxing ‘fat clothes’ and leaving the thin ones intact will compel their wearers to put on the thinner ones. For them to be able to achieve this, they will have to reverse their fatness. This subsequently requires that they deal with the root causes of the fatness in the first place.

The affected persons will want to shift their diets, exercise plans, and even the amount of time they take to effectively rest. The compounded benefits of these initiatives are too numerous to even underappreciate or disregard.

Slows the Surge in Obesity

Closely related to the above is the fact that such a tax could indirectly slow the surge or the absolute rates of obesity countrywide. Some studies intimate that 20% tax levy on drinks that are sweetened with sugar lowers the rates of obesity by an impressive 3.5%!

When extrapolated on a global scale, this means 20,000 persons in the developed world could extend their lifespans as a result of this tax. This excludes the other benefits of staying healthy like reduced cardiovascular disorders and difficulty in breathing.

plus size clothes for woman

Cheap and Effective

Generally speaking, any tax that is levied on fat clothes or any other fast-moving consumer goods yields the attendant consequences faster. People have to put on clothes every day. If the tax is levied today, the effects might begin trickling as early as tomorrow. Moreover, the entire exercise is somewhat cheaper.

It is often devoid of too much bureaucracy that is characteristic of the other kinds of taxes. This subsequently means that those corruption loopholes or issues that are likely to lead to the theft of the taxes are appropriately sealed.

Equity Neutrality Argument

When appropriately formulated, the fat tax can also be equity neutral. This is to mean that it may be used to redistribute wealth from high income to the low-income levels. Most people who put on the fat clothes are in fact from the higher echelons of income.

Poorer people tend to consume healthier foods given that they are generally cheaper to come by. For consumers at the lower end of the chain some adjustements have to be made.

This leads to reduced social frictions and a more equitable society on the whole.

Increased Government Revenue

The government stands to gain more from the increased income it stands to collect due to the imposition of this fat tax on clothes.

This gives the government more or added spending leverage as compared to the situation in which this revenue is lacking.

Some of how this extra revenue may be spent include subsidizing healthy foods, mitigating the healthcare costs of the obesity and other lifestyle diseases, improving maternal and pediatric health, and improvements of the distribution channels of healthy foods, among others.

Mitigating the Social Costs of Unhealthy Diets

Apart from inflicting lifestyle illnesses like premature deaths, colon cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, and obesity, unhealthy diets, which are the chief courses of fatness/obesity, also bring about other social issues. These are large unquantifiable and may not arise directly from the consumption of these foods. They impact the whole economy nonetheless.

These social costs range from lost time due to these sicknesses, associated medical costs of mitigating these issues, reduced productivity levels of workers, limited working time. It hence follows that implementing this fat tax has a ripple effect that impacts an entire economy positively.

Bolsters Personal Productivity

The fat tax has the impact of bolstering personal productivity. The obesity costs the American economy allocate is a whopping $70 billion annually. This mainly takes the shapes and forms of lost productivity due to reduced worker morale and general body weakness.

Incidentally, this figure excludes all the other lifestyle-related issues we have highlighted above. With this fat tax on clothes firmly in place, the affected persons will generally cut back on their consumption of unhealthy diets which in turn reduces their associated medical fees and lost time for work.

Provide money for Subsidies

Many economies do subsidize some of the basic or ‘must-have’ commodities like bread, fruits, vegetables, and freshwater. With limited resource base, most governments contend with, the fat tax on clothes is an avenue worth attempting.

As stated, it brings in added revenue to the government which in turn gives the government excess spending leverage. The government could this revenue to partly subsidize these essential supplies.

plus size clothes for woman


Meets Healthcare Costs

Further to merely subsidizing healthy foods, the fat tax on clothes can also be used to pay for the sicknesses and other medical conditions which do arise from the consumption of unhealthy foods. In most countries, the governments subsidize or pay up for the health costs of their citizens.

This puts a strain on the meagre financial resources. With this tax in place, the plus-size ladies might pay for their associated medical expenses indirectly.

Compels ‘Plus Size’ Ladies to Permanently Change Course

Ladies do not just get fat by accident. They engage in issues that bring about this problem. The long term goal of this kind of taxation is to compel you to permanently change course. This is basically to mean you digging deeper into the root cause of your fatness and dealing with them.

The logic that underlies this is fairly simple. You may be willing to part with more money in the short run to afford these garments. In the long run, however, you might want to reduce your size to be able to pay for the cheaper kinds of attire.

Good for the Society

A healthy and robust people are generally great for any society. When people are strong, sturdy and healthy, the entire society rejoices and gains. The converse is true. When people are sickly, suffering and ghastly in their appearances, the entire society looks gloomy.

This being the case, any sensible government may want and is indeed justified to make every effort to maintain the health of its people in the best shape and form all the time. It is for this reason that a fat tax on clothes is justified and understandable no matter what.

Con’s of Fat Tax On Plus Size Clothes for woman

Having exhausted the benefits of ‘fat tax on clothes’ we shall now peek into some of its downsides. This is, by all means, vital to be able to arrive at an impartial and objective conclusion. Below, therefore, are some of the potential downsides of this kind of tax:


The ‘fat tax’ in and of itself may not achieve much in reducing the weights and mitigating the risks that come up with lifestyle issues. This is because there are ordinarily many factors behind these issues apart from the consumption of unhealthy foods.

Some of these factors are genetics, lifestyles, eating habits, food consumption levels and lack of exercises. There is no way that the tax may go to reverse these possible causes. That is why to some extent it is inconsequential.

Unintended Consequences (Cobra Effects)

Through well-conceived and truly noble idea, this tax, unfortunately, might be counterproductive. The main reason here is that it might end up hurting poorer people disproportionately harder than the rich ones. That is because richer people can easily part with more money to be able to afford the fat clothes.

Additionally, it is a lot easier for richer people to shift to healthier foods and enrol in gyms than for the poor ones. That leaves the poor more vulnerable and at the mercies of the high prices. Their existence and plight should hence ideally be factored in while formulating such a policy.

Potentially Counterproductive

The term ‘fat’ is largely subjective. This is to mean that there is no universal definition of this term. Depending on how the term is defined, some thinner persons may end up bearing the brunt of the tax.

On the same note, some who indeed are fat may end up escaping the noose. Those who are fat but are left out of the definition may obtain a false of security and end up becoming worse off. There is, therefore, need for some clarity on the issue.

No guarantee of Behavioural Shifts

Human nature to some extent is random and dynamic. Even with the imposition of such a tax, there is still no guarantee that people will shift their preferences from unhealthy to healthier lifestyles. Moreover, the affected persons may seek ways around this issue.

For instance, they may switch to handmade attire rather than those sold at the boutique. Some may choose to repair their clothes are re-use them for a longer duration as a way of avoiding the new tax. This not only leads to a loss in revenue to the government but also retains the bodyweight intact.

Raises Production Costs

Most of the companies that deal with fat clothes are the same ones that deal with thinner clothes. Other than this, many of the raw materials that are used to make up fat clothes are the same ones that are used to make up thinner ones. The tax may hence end up impacting the clothing industry as a whole.

With the imposition of such a tax, the costs of production will spike. This has some multiplier effect in that it impacts everyone who is associated with the industry in whichever shape or form. These include consumers, suppliers, and retailers alike.

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Myth and Truth

  • A plus-size woman feels that the clothing companies make a lot of money from plus size clothes. But the fact is that they sell very fewer plus-size items because the cost incurred for making a plus size clothes is more as compared to standard size clothes. It is very challenging for them to produce a bulk amount of plus size clothes and the profit margin is very less.
  • Most of the plus-size woman feel that the retailer doesn’t charge for a tall collection or a petit collection in spite of more fabrics being used in them. The truth is that they charge more for all tall collections but petite collections are charged the same price as a standard collection. It is because for any given length of fabric you can cut off the same number of petit garments as regular sized ones. But you need more fabric to cut off the same number of plus size garments which will ultimately cost more money.
  • Plus-sized clothes are often made of stronger materials to handle the pressure of that extra fat. Hence, Clothing companies have to design the plus-size garments little differently
  • The reason this has become an issue now is that more people are choosing to become fat. However, when your clothes are twice as big as most people’s, why would the retailer charger the same price.

Below are the two good examples which will make you understand even better

Example 1: If you go to a local fast food place and order a standard combo, you will be charged less money for it. If you order for an extra-large combo, you would pay extra money for it and you don’t seem to be complaining about it.

Example 2: A price of sunscreen lotion is the same for everybody. I may need 100 gram of sunscreen lotion in a month. A fat person might need 200 gram of lotion to protect her from the sun. The bigger you are, the more sunscreen lotion you may need. If I use 1 bottle in a month then the plus-size person may use 2 bottles in a month.

Almost everything cost more if they are bigger such as TV, refrigerator, car and house. So should the clothes.


From the preceding conversations, it is quite vivid that the benefits of the fat tax on plus size clothes for woman far outweigh its side effects. For this reason, taxation is a proposal you want to throw your weight behind at all costs. While such a tax may eat into your financial resource endowment, you also want to be of help to your society.

The money raised from that tax may find applicability in numerous other areas and programs. Furthermore, most of the taxes are levied on food rather than plus size clothes. Why would you even drag your feet to embrace the idea? Is it not a good thing for you to gladly start remitting your fat tax on plus size clothes?

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  1. It is certainly true that plus size women are left out of a number of things, especially clothing. Unfortunately, people seem to think that fluffy women, like myself don’t like to be fashionable. That is totally incorrect. I appreciate this website and the link to the online store is super wonderful. Thank you.

  2. Though I’m not a plus size I can definitely sympathise with those who are. So many stores both off and online don’t seem to cater for those over a certain bra size. Thank you for the store you recommend as well. I’m sure many women of a larger build will love the variety of lingerie on offer. They’re all very fashionable with attractive designs, making skinny me envious!! The bra calculator is a great touch as no women whatever size enjoys being measured instore:)

  3. This has been a problem – just because someone is a little bigger doesn’t mean they don’t also want to feel pretty (and they still are). Thanks for the article and the store that has some options

  4. This article speaks so much facts! I use to be bigger and I know exactly how it feels when you go shopping and theres hardly nothing in my size, but now they are definitely expressing the plus size and I love it because it definitely helps boost up others & they look great.

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    • Of course , you are beautiful thais . beauty lies in the attitude and how we carry ourselves. I am very happy that you are motivated now and you must wear what you really want, when you enter a swimming pool. Cheers

  6. I love your sexy lingerie for plus size women post, too many women and men stereotype as regards who can or cannot wear sexy lingerie, it takes exposure on sites like your own to change and eradicate the world bit by bit of its prejudices and biases, so that we are inclusive of all people and realise we all like lovely things regardless of our body shape and size

    • Very true Ann . This world has too much of stereotypes and We need to do something so that plus sized people who want to wear sexy lingerie can be encouraged to do what they want to wear and how they want to live . Beauty is not in the way we look . It is the attitude and the way we project ourselves matters. Thank you so much for your comment . I appreciate it .

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