How to Choose the Perfect Underwear to the Beach?- Devis Fashion Wear

How to Choose the Perfect Underwear to the Beach?- Devis Fashion Wear

Right now, I am relaxing in Miami beach and lying down on a shack and having a great time with amazing blue sky over my head and bottle of beer my table. I have often wondered how these beautiful looking women choose the perfect underwear to the beach.

Is it because they feel more comfortable with it? Or do they like revealing their attractive body? Or it is a compulsion that they must wear beach underwear when they come to the beach? My mind is getting overloaded with all sought of creepy questions while I am at the beach and having a wonderful time.

However, I do feel that women wearing underwear at the beaches have a lot to do with 2 major things with being her looks and the other being her comfort zone. As we all know women give utmost priority to the way she looks and presents herself to the outside world and I don’t think beachwear is an exception.

The other major aspect is the comfort ability factor. Women of these days prefer to wear clothes with which they feel more comfortable. It would not surprise me if choose a 2 piece bikini or underwear when they were to get wet on the beach.

Well, I have done a little of research and went through different blog posts to understand more about beach underwear and why women are so obsessed with them. I am finally, writing a blog which will have an answer to my several questions with regard to the women passion towards beach underwear and they love for the beaches.

underwear to the beach

What is beach underwear?

Beach underwear is a type of underwear which is used as swimwear and can also be used as casual wear. You would more often see people wearing them at the beaches as its name signifies. It has a unique quality of drying quickly which can be very useful when you are involved in water sports activity such as surfing and beach volleyball.

They also look very attractive to women as they are very much revealing and it would appear as though they were specially made for women.

What all can be done wearing beach underwear?

There are a lot of exciting things that can be done on the beach wearing beach underwear. The most common thing which is done is swimming. Women love getting wet at the beach and wearing beach underwear gives them a lot of comforts because they dry quickly and also give them a lot of freedom to move their legs when in water.

The other activities include beach volleyball, surfing and even horse ride. You would more often see women in their underwear lying on the shack and getting tanned in the sun.

If you are a couple, then you would have a very great time with your partner as even your partner would be in his or her beach underwear. This would make your day very intimate and romantic at the beach. In general, people come to the beach to relax and have some great time.

Which colour should you choose?

When it comes to choosing a colour for beach underwear, women are best in that department. They very well know what colour to choose and when to choose a colour. Based on my observation most of the women choose a flashy colour as it tends to be more attractive and crowd puller.

However, I have done a little of research and I have a different approach in choosing the underwear colour especially the beach ones. I think the best colour to choose for beach underwear would be either red or orange.

You could easily view anything which is of red or orange colour. It gives a clear vision to people’s eye no matter how much far you are. There are more chances that people may get lost in the sea while swimming and these bright and flashy colours could help us find the lost people.

It is not advisable to wear a blue or a while colour underwear as the back colour of the sea and the sky are of the same colour and would be difficult to find the lost ones.

Apart from that, a woman in red looks too hot and gorgeous and she can easily grab the attention of all the guy out there. Hope you remember the red coloured bikini babes in bay watch series.underwear to the beach

Which fabric to choose?

If you are seriously looking for good beach underwear, then there are possibly 3 fabrics to choose from.

Microfiber polyester

Microfiber is not very hard to find in the market and they are not very expensive either. They may absorb more water than nylon or polypropylene but they are more tolerant of UV rays which is very important if you are thinking of getting tanned.

Polyester has wicking capabilities and therefore, it would not stick to your body when you are wet or even when you sweat. They are the best when it comes to looks which women can never compromise. They look so perfectly fit and least uncomfortable to wear when you are wet or if you sweat.


They absorb less water as compared to microfiber polyester. Polypropylene is a build-in thermal insulation quality which means that they are made for people who are in a colder region and they want to get wet. This way it can maintain your body temperature when you are into cold water.


There absorb less water than microfiber polyester but slightly more than polypropylene. They are not as tolerant as polyester when it comes to protecting you from UV rays exposure.

What type of beach underwear should I wear?

French cut panties

This is one of the most popular underwear styles in the market. The waistband is on the higher side similar to classic briefs but they have a lower-cut leg which is almost close to the waist and widest part of the thighs. This provides a lesser coverage from the front when you wear.

However, your butt coverage is more when you wear them. You would see many women at the beach wearing them and going for a long walk or you may women wearing them inside mini skirts or a sarong.


They are considered to be an erotic style of wearing underwear. It provides a very minimal coverage to your butt which would make you look sexy and attractive when seen from your back. They sit at least three inches below your waist which is even more attractive.

The side of the underwear rests almost about your hip bone which is the highlight of thongs. If you into beach volleyball, thongs should be your best choice.


If you are looking to spice up your relationship with your partner, then G-string should be your pick. It simply has a front and a back fabric with very minimal coverage, which is directly held by a waistband which is nothing but a sting.

The butt coverage is almost zero, covered merely by a string. Someone who is used to wearing it or confident in revealing their body must try G-string. If you are at the beach for sunbathing, G-string beach underwear must be your pick.

C string

They are more spicy and sensuous than a G-string underwear. You can call them a new age beach underwear and it is the latest trend worn by many women at the beach. C- String underwear does not have a string or waistband. It just has a clamp that covers your front and the back area.

They look very cool and are so different. It can be used for sunbathing and as swimwear or even as lounge wear.

Brazilian brief

If you are looking to wear underwear to show off without actually revealing much then you must for a Brazilian brief. They are so attractive and seductive and at the same time very comfortable to wear in public.

The waistband goes up to the hip line and the back of the underwear cuts the cheek of the butt instead of covering them. They can be worn at the beach for sunbathing and even for swimming.underwear to the beach

Why do women love to wear beach underwear?

For every woman who loves to go to the beach, there is always one thing in her mind for sure, what do I do to look hot and attract people at the beach? The most correct and suitable thing to do to grab people’s attraction at the beach is to wear the most appealing underwear and a sexy bra.

Every woman would love to look sexy and gorgeous to people’s eyes. She knows that the best way to look sexy and beautiful is to put on the best collection of clothes. Above all, 2 piece bikinis is something which is a very popular choice for most of the women.

Women fell very happy when they are hailed for their attractive looks and appearance. The best clothing that can complement her at the beach is the beach underwear which can reveal her hot and sexy butt.

Underwear is something which a woman can wear at the beach and do almost anything and everything at the beach. Wearing beach underwear, she can do activities ranging from sunbathing, surfing to playing beach volleyball and even horse riding.


Why are that women love to wear underwear at the beach? I am sure after reading this blog you have an answer to this question. There cannot be any other better place than a beach where underwear can be worn so casually, where almost every woman would be in their underwear out there.

Now we know the two major reasons why women are so obsessed with beach underwear is because it makes them look sexy and sensual and give her that extra comfort zone which no other clothing can give. I hope this blog would have answered most of your questions which were echoing in your mind. Please feel free to comment below without any sought of rudeness.

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  1. This was very interesting article. I have never stopped to think why women wear underwear to the beach. When you say couples can wear underwear to the beach do you mean boxers? I do not see my self wearing regular underwear to the beach with my girlfriend, I would be too embarrassed.

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