Why do Men get Attracted to Seeing Sexy Women in Shorts?

Why do Men get Attracted to Seeing Sexy Women in Shorts?

Women are naturally beautiful looking people. They were created to be that way. A woman usually has curves and a body design that highlights her amazing feminine qualities. Many females enjoy wearing clothes that show off their amazing body. Men get distracted by beautiful and sexy women in shorts

This is one of the reasons why shorts are a favourite clothing item for many females. Men enjoy looking at a sexy woman in shorts. This is one of the reasons why shorts are a favorite clothing item for many females. Keep reading to find out why shorts and females is a winning combination.

We are going to discuss the problems that women face when wearing dresses such as skirts and pants.

Drawbacks of Wearing Skirts and Pants

Before we talk about shorts, we must discuss the problems in wearing skirts and pants.

Skirtssexy women in short skirts

Skirts are a great piece of clothing for women. However, skirts can be a bit challenging wearing. Females who wear skirts must make sure they are not too revealing. They run the risk of exposing their private parts.

Covering up there private parts is just one part of the equation. Females must make sure that they have there legs looking good and there feet manicured when they wear a skirt. Also, a lady should be confident in wearing a skirt. A lot of women are not that confident about there body.

Skirts will expose a great deal of a women’s torso. So, she has to be okay with people seeing her frame in its natural form. If not, she will not appear confident and have a hard time wearing this clothing item. Keep in mind that skirts might be too revealing for some females.


Pants are another clothing item that ladies often wear. There are many styles of pants for women. Most women wear jeans, but they also wear Capri, casual pants and even flare legs. Women pants fit differently than male’s clothing.

When a woman puts on a pair of pants the item is going to hug her behind and thighs. Women’s pants are designed to be tight. This emphasizes there butts and hips. It also brings attention to there crotch areas. Once again, confidence is needed wearing tight jeans.

Women’s pants typically hug her frame. So, they will have to find the right type of material that compliments there body type. While many women have curvy rear ends, quite a few have flat butts, and some are odd shaped. A female must ensure that her pants are best suited for her body design.

Pants are not a good choice when a woman who loves travelling. If she is carrying more than one pant then it will be very difficult for her pants to fit into her back pack. Moreover, women hate carrying heavy travel bags and fewer the pants she carries, the easier it would be to carry them.

Pants are common and they are practical. However, they are hot in the summer and can be uncomfortable for females who don’t like walking around in skin-tight material. Women who sweat a lot during summer who face a very hard time wearing tight jeans.

Of course, pants will have there place in a women’s wardrobe. Still, shorts have many advantages.

If you are tired of wearing those boring denim jeans, here is a video which will help you to cut your old denim jeans into shorts.

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Getting humiliated for wearing a wrong dress

When you wear a skirt, a pair of pants or even a dress that does not compliment you, there will be someone who will notice. They will figure out that you do not look comfortable in your clothing or they will think that the item you are wearing doesn’t suit your style.

Wearing the wrong type of skirt can be frustrating for women. Skirts show off so much of a female’s body and no women want to look bad while wearing one. She wants compliments. She needs them. It’s a part of her identity as women to be noticed for how she looks.

When people point out that the dress that she wears does not suit her then it will lower down her confidence level and this will impact her in a very big way. She may even stop socializing with people or may become over conscious and stop wearing her favourite dress.

Wearing the wrong type of skirt or dress typically invokes criticism. The same is true when wearing a dress or a pair of pants. People can act very critical about how they see you and others. So, you make sure you are wearing the right type of clothing item that will make you look your best.

Advantages of wearing shorts

Now we are going to talk about shorts. Women know that shorts are there go to item. This is especially true during the summer months. When it’s hot outside a female doesn’t want wearing pants. Also, she might not be in the mood wearing a revealing skirt. Shorts would be her best option.

Sexy Women in Shorts

Putting on a pair of shorts in the summer heat is natural for women. A pair of shorts would make her look appealing. Once she puts on this item, the guys would see her appealing frame and probably will stare. A woman’s body is often magnified in a pair of shorts.

Females typically wear tight shorts. The shorts that she is wearing will highlight the shape of her butt and thighs. Her legs will be revealed for people to see. As a matter of fact, shorts often highlight women’s legs to help her look more appealing.

Shorts keep a female cool in the heat. They typically do not need ironing and they slip on and off with ease. If a female is going to the beach to swim, she can put a pair of shorts over her swimsuit bottom. If she must leave in a hurry, then shorts will make a quick outfit for her wearing.

The point is that shorts offer versatility, simplicity and they keep a woman refreshed. Some women even wear shorts without panties. This allows them to have more freedom and to move with greater ease. Also, some women like wearing as little as possible.

Shorts provide so many advantages for a female and women should consider them all. Putting on a pair of shorts will make her look appealing, feel comfortable and allow her to move with ease. This is why shorts are a good option for most women.

Choosing the shorts that suits you the best

When you wear a pair of shorts, you should choose the type that best compliments your personality and your body.

Daisy Dukes shorts

skin tight shorts that hug a woman’s rear end are a good option for women with thick butts. These shorts are also known as Daisy Dukes and they make women look so tempting. You will definitely get guys staring when you wear them.Sexy Women in Shorts

Daisy Dukes shorts was named after the character from the Dukes of Hazard. This show used to come on in the 70s. Daisy was the cousin of the show’s two stars: Bo and Luke. She was sexy brunette women who usually wore skin-tight cut off shorts.

Skin tight shorts that fit this description are usually called Daisy Dukes. They are also referred to as “booty shorts”. Since big butts are in (thanks to stars such as the Kardashians, Nikki Minaj, J-Lo and Cardi B); skintight shorts are a popular item for showing off your booty.

Females should only wear skin tight shorts if they are comfortable with and capable of pulling off this look.

Cargo shorts

Cargo shorts are another type of option for the ladies. This type of shorts is loose when compared to other kinds. They don’t hug the butt and thighs.

Cargo shorts are best used for women who are engaging in some type of functional activity. If a female is gardening, hiking, biking or kayaking; then cargo shorts would be appropriate for those types of activities. Cargo shorts are worn for comfort and when a woman doesn’t want to look sexy.

Biker shorts

Biker shorts are another skin-tight variety of outerwear for women. These shorts are made out of spandex and they wear snug against the skin. Biker shorts are typically worn by females who are athletic or who like to do yoga. They are similar to yoga pants, but they are shorter.

Biker shorts are not that popular, but some women will wear them. Females know that guys are looking at there buns in this type of shorts. Since guys like women’s buns, a good pair of biker shorts is going to turn heads wherever they go.

Polka dot shortsred polka dot shorts

Polka dot shorts are a casual option for females. They are normally worn during casual encounters and in casual situations. A lot of women don’t wear polka dot shorts. However, if a female does wear this style, she is usually doing so to feel comfortable and laid back.

Women who have some spirit and are just a little on the wild side would enjoy wearing a pair of floral print shorts. This type of short is made out of soft material and is easy to slip on. They don’t necessarily hug the body, but they are not loose either. They typically fit just right.

Stripe shorts

Women who are more conservative in there dress and manner would wear stripe shorts. Stripe shorts are more formal than the others. They make women look sophisticated and can be worn as a part of a cute semi-formal ensemble.

Let’s face it, any women wearing animal print shorts usually have a wild side. Animal print shorts come in styles such as leopard, zebra or cheetah. These prints are on the shorts and they make women look bold and ready for action.

Some females like wearing shorts with tribal prints. This type of shorts is colourful and are often worn in a casual situation. They come in a variety of tribal styles such as African prints or native islanders. Women wearing this style of shorts often look sophisticated when compared to other short styles.

Lace shortsSexy Women in Shorts

Lace shorts should be worn with extreme caution. They look like underwear or women lingerie. Any female trying wearing this style out in public must have a thick skin. People are going to stare and will talk. So, you must be careful about wearing lace shorts out in public.

By the way, women who wear lace shorts are more adventurous and more sexually charged. Once again, do not wear this style of shorts if you cannot handle the negative looks or comments that you might get. Remember that people usually think the wrong thing and these shorts will cause them to do that.


Rompers are a more sophisticated style of shorts. This short outfit is designed with the top and bottom connected. Rompers are more formal. The right type of romper can be worn in a more formal setting. They are for women who want to look sophisticated and well-dressed.


Skorts is a combination of shorts and skirts. They too present women with a semi-formal vibe. Skorts are a good choice for women that want to look cool but also dressy at the same time. They can be worn on dates on a hot night or within a semi-formal environment.

Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are a favourite for the ladies. They are a formal type of short item that is often worn in semi-formal or casual atmospheres. This style of shorts is not for wearing to the beach or just to go outside to have fun.

Lounge shortswomen lounge shorts

Lounge shorts are similar to lace shorts. The too look more like underwear or something that you wear around the house. If you wear these shorts outside, people are going to look. They put a lot of emphasis on your private areas and legs and also will draw a lot of attention.

Lounge shorts give a lot of comforts and they can be worn when you are engaged in household activities such as gardening, mobbing and playing with pets. It can also be used when you are engaged in physical intimacy with your partner.

Roll up shorts

They are simply jean shorts that are rolled up at the bottom. This short style is often worn on the beach or when people are outdoors having fun. Roll up shorts are for informal and casual environments where people are partying and just having fun.

There are studded shorts, embroidery styles and festival shorts. Each of these styles has its own unique look. They too can be worn in a variety of settings including some semi-formal events. There are so many styles of shorts that will perfectly match a women’s personality and style.

How can I choose the shorts that best fits me?

When you select the right type of shorts that fits your personality, you must look at your skin tone and figure out what colours go with it. You should also consider your hair and eye colour when choosing hues that compliment you. Your mood or personality will also impact colour choices as well.

Ultimately, you can find the best type of shorts that suits you based on who you are as a person. Remember, wear what is best suited for your body shape, personal sense of style and purpose. When you figure out those criteria you will definitely choose shorts which will make you look like sexy women in shorts to every man’s eyes.


I am sure you would have thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog and I hope it was informative to you. Of course, there are certain advantages to wearing a skirt or jeans. But the kind of comfort zone and the advantages that you get from wearing shorts can never be beaten by any of its counterparts.

By now, every woman who reads this blog would have got a good idea about shorts and they would know what to wear to look like sexy women in shorts.

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  1. Very interesting post, I as a man must agree to what you say about men being attracted to women in shorts. I like your comprehensive list of the different shorts available for women. I must admit I had never heard of skorts before.
    Thanks for an insight into the different shorts for women.


  2. Great post, got me thinking.
    Complimenting women these days might land you in serious trouble. Nowadays even staring is harassment.
    Or is it a social issue from men?
    In my opinion, shorts should be worn for comfort – attraction is just a by-product.

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