Is This The Best Lingerie Wash Technique?- The Ultimate Cleaning Guide

Is This The Best Lingerie Wash Technique?- The Ultimate Cleaning Guide

Are you on a lookout for the best lingerie wash method?

Very few percentages of women around the world would know the correct way to wash their lingerie. Most of the women-only show their interest in buying new lingerie. But once they have sufficient lingerie’s in their wardrobe they just don’t care about maintaining them.

There is an estimation that around 70 per cent of women do not know the right way to wash, dry or even fold their undergarments such as bras, panties and other undergarments. Washing lingerie is not all about dumping them in a washing machine and dry it as per your convenient way. There is a unique way in which undergarments must be handled right from washing to storing them in the cupboard.

The purpose of wearing lingerie should not be limited only to covering your private parts and to grab men’s attention or wearing it for your comfort zone. You must take care of your undergarments and show a lot of love and care towards them such that your lingerie may even secretly start making love with you.

I shall be discussing not only the best cleaning method but also a certain special method which may be followed by every woman in taking care of their lingerie. It will also improve the durability and sustainability of your hot and sexy lingerie.

Buy a good quality lingerieProper Bra Fitting Guide

Every woman would dream that she gets the best man as her life partner. They should not restrict themselves to only to this. Wouldn’t it be a great idea if have the best lingerie in town?

You have to make sure that you wear the best bra and underwear which can cover those best parts of your body which is your breast and vagina. Wearing good quality underwear and bra gives you a very pleasant feeling and you will feel more comfortable wearing it.

Usually, well-branded underwear would have a very smooth lining and the soft edges at every corner. The fabric that is used for a branded bra will make you feel very much relaxed and comfortable. There will not be any sought of discomfort if you wear good quality lingerie and engage in a physical relationship.

Buy lingerie of correct size

This is a common mistake which most of the women do these days. They either buy a very tight or a loose bra. The main reason for this is that they do not have access to an accurate bra size guide or may be the person at the store does a blunder while measuring your bra size.

Proper bra fitting guide

I have another post which can guide you in measuring your bra size. You can refer to it and post your comment if you have any doubt.

Wearing a tight bra would make that extra fat from your breast to pop out. This will look very odd to your partner’s eyes. Moreover, Your breast will start sagging when you wear a incorrect sized bra and you may even get rashes over your breast.

Make sure that you get your breast size checked so that you can wear a perfectly sized bra which can firmly hold your amazing boobs. This is surely going to excite your partner and seeing you with those amazing breast he will gradually remove your bra and starts playing with your nipple.

How often to change your innerwear in a day

Staying hygienic with your innerwear is another quality that needs to be incorporated if you love those amazing two pieces. People will start disliking you and may even stay away from you if you are not clean and stink a lot.

How often you should change your innerwear depends on the kind of climate you live in. When you are located in a warmer place, then you might need to change your bra and underwear twice a day as you would sweat more. The sweat that your body releases has a lot of salt content in it which may damage your lingerie if they are not changed frequently.

When you live in colder places, you probably need not bother much about the sweating. I would recommend that you change your underwear and bra at least once a day just to stay hygienic. It is also advisable to change your innerwear immediately after you have had intercourse. There is a high chance of bodily fluid getting discharged from your vagina.

Your lingerie may be worn out

The best way to check if a woman is crazy about her lingerie is when her lingerie is worn out and she still preserves it. This is very common with most of the women who are madly in love with their underwears and bras.

best lingerie wash

I understand that it would be very emotional when your favourite lingerie and old and torn and you may have to dispose of them. But you got to take some strong decisions in your life for the new things to happen. You have to scrap the old underwear and bra one day to bring the new ones into your life.

If the underwear seems to be too tight or loose or if the elasticity of your underwear is worn out then you may have to dispose of the underwear and go for a new one. As far as your bra is concerned, if the bra band is not firmly holding your breast and if the colour of your bra is faded away then it’s time for you to go for a new one.

Avoid sharing your lingerie with others

This is something which does not happen very often. You might feel disgusting if I ask you not to share your bra and underwear with others. But it is true that few women share their undergarment with their closest mates without even realizing the potential harm that might cause it.

One of the main reason why women wear their underwear and bra is that it can absorb the sweat from their body and will keep their private parts cool and comfortable. There are some bacteria’s which gets developed from your sweat and may get settled in your undergarments.

There are high chances that these bacteria’s remain in your undergarment even after a good wash. If you share those lingerie’s with someone then there is a high chance that they may get a bacterial infection. Therefore, try not to share your dresses with other and vice versa.

Going on commando mode

Going commando usually means that men and women will not wear their undergarment while they wear their usual clothes such as t-shirts, pants and skirts and so on.

There are many advantages to going commando. You will always feel a sense of freshness and coolness in your private part.Moreover, You would not feel the burden of washing and maintaining your underwear and bra.

It would come really handy during winter season during which you will not be sweating much and you may not need undergraments to absorb your sweat. It can be very useful when you are very intimate with your partner. You will not have a trouble of removing your innerwear before having sex and you will find it more sexier without your bra and underwear.

You must try this out atleast twice a week especially when your partner is around you. Revealing to your partner that you are not wearing undergarments will make him horny and his desire to have sex will increase.

By going commando, you are reducing the usage of lingerie which eventually increase the durability of it.

Lingerie wash using your hands

Washing your lingerie is the most important thing to do in order to maintain the quality of lingerie. This will not only keep you hygienic. It will also make you more emotionally attached to it and you will care a lot  for it. After all, it is a basic common sense that everyone keep their clothes and their body clean.

I strongly recommend you to wash your innerwear with your hands using a light delicate lingerie wash

  • Take a bucket full of water and add some light delicate wash to it and stir well till you get some good foam.
  • soak your lingerie in the foam water for about 5 minutes.
  • Do not use a brush or a scrubber to remove the stains. Applying more pressure on lingerie may damage them.
  • Instead, you can scrub your lingerie with your hands or another lingerie fabric.
  • Rinse it well with fresh water till the foam goes off.
  • Do not squeeze your lingerie to remove excess water which may damage the fabric.

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Always make a habit of washing your innerwear with cold water. This will keep your underwear and bra very soft and light.

Lingerie wash using a washing machine
best lingerie wash

The washing machine spins at a very high speed. There are chances that your bra straps may hit hard against the machine drum which might damage the straps. Therefore, it is advisable to use a pillowcase or a lingerie bag.

All that you need to do is put all your dirty lingerie’s into the pillowcase and add some light detergent powder in the pillowcase and wrap it tightly and wash them in your washing machine. Make sure that you set the temperature of the water inlet to its lowest value.

I strongly recommend that you don’t mix up your lingerie with other woollen clothes or jeans or a heavy cloth, which may cause damage to your lingerie. Not to forget, set the water pressure to its minimum level.

Does your bra smell bad even after a clean wash?

Sometimes, your bar might have odour smell even after doing a thorough wash. There is a very simple solution to it

  • Take an adequate amount of cold water and add about 1 cup of vinegar and mix it well.
  • Soak your smelly lingerie into the vinegar water for about 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, take out your lingerie and soak them once again in a bucket full of water with a light detergent or a baby shampoo.
  • Rinse it well with fresh water till the foam goes off.

When you are not comfortable using vinegar then you can use baking soda as an alternative.

Fungus in your bra

The worst thing that women can expect to get is a breast fungal infection. There could be several reasons behind it. The best solution to this is to either use a baking soda or white vinegar.

Soak the fungal infected lingerie with a handful of water mixed with a cup of vinegar. After soaking for 20 minutes, wash it with a soft detergent and there you go. Your bra is fungal-free.

If you still get a fungal infection on your breast in spite of using vinegar water then may have to dispose of the bra and consult a good doctor.

How do you dry your lingerie?

You need to pay extra attention when it comes to drying your lingerie. Doing one small mistake in drying your lingerie could damage them badly. The best way to dry your lingerie is to leave them in an open air. Try to avoid squeezing them to remove excess water. Avoid using a machine dryer which may damage your lingerie.

When you finish washing your underwear, you must hang them on to the rope in such a way elastic strap of the underwear doesn’t get folded over the rope. The elastic strap must be placed flat to prevent them from getting damaged.

As far as the drying of the bra is concerned, it is best if you place your bra on a flat surface without applying any sought of pressure on the bra cups. This will prevent the bra cups from getting damaged and therefore the fluffiness of the bra cups will be retained.

If you don’t have an option to dry them in an open atmosphere then you can use the machine dryer with lower spinning speed. Try avoiding machine drying as much as you can and use it only when you have no other option.

Folding your lingerie correctly

The bra cups must be folded and placed one behind the other with the curves facing in the same direction. The straps are then placed inside the cups.

You can place a handful of cotton inside those hollow cups to retain the fluffiness.

When you take that fluffy bra and wear it then your breast would look so lovely and sexy that your partner will start going for it.

When folding your undies, make sure that the elastic band is not folded. The elastic straps have to be straight always and the remaining part of your underwear must be folded.

How to store your lingerie

The most important thing after washing and drying your lingerie is to store it in a dedicated place. This is often ignored by most of the women out there. They usually try to dump them in a cupboard which is already filled with different types of clothes.

Someone who truly loves her lingerie and cares for them would not be doing this stuff. The level of satisfaction that you get in folding your favourite lingerie and placing in it a dedicated cupboard is something which cannot be explained.

After having put so much of effort in washing your lingerie and drying them up what is stopping you from storing it in a very nice lingerie chest of drawers.

Make sure that you place your sexy and expensive lingerie’s on the topmost drawer of the chest. Children tend to open the lower drawer and mess up things that are inside them and that may damage your lingerie. Make sure that you place your most delicate and expensive lingerie at the topmost drawer which is far from their reach.


We are at the end of this blog and we have not only covered the best lingerie wash technique. We have gone one step further and discussed the different ways in which you can love and care your lingerie. The quality of your lingerie depends on how well you take care of them.

The way you treat your lingerie, it will treat you back in the same way. Only when you take care of your lingerie, it will take care of you and your romantic life will blossom. Ultimately you will have a long-lasting and sustainable relationship with your partner

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