How to Find the Right Sports Bra?-The Ultimate Sports Bra

How to Find the Right Sports Bra?-The Ultimate Sports Bra

How to find the right sports bra?

This is a frequently asked question by most of the women who are physically active and are not happy with the bra that they are wearing. It is not very difficult to find the right sports bra as it may sound.

A sports bra is very important to wear for women who get involved in a lot of physical activity. Apart from covering your breast, it also gives a lot of comforts and provides great support. It not only protects you from getting injured but also prevents your breasts from sagging.

It is very important that you know your sports bra well because wearing a wrong size bra or a wrong type of sports bra can lead to breast sagging, pain and could also damage your breast tissues. Therefore, know your sports bra before using it.

Your intention of staying fit may be a very good idea and you may indulge in many physical training activities. But what is the use of dedicating yourself into physical activity when you end up wearing wrong sportswear?

There are different types of a sports bra with different patterns and shapes with each serving a different purpose. It is always challenging to choose your sports bra which you may require for a particular exercise type.

Considering this we have created a guide which can help you find the right sports bra.

Impact levels in a sports bra

Sports bras are made taking a lot of things under consideration. There are specific sports bra made for a specific reason. Some of the sports bras are exclusively made to withstand intense workout. Whereas, some are meant for a light workout. We are going to discuss the different levels at which sports bras are made.

High Impact sports bra

This type of sports bras is made to handle very high-intensity workout such as wrestling, running, American football and soccer, athletics.

Medium impact sports bra

This type of sports bra support activities which involves a moderate level of sports activity such as cycling, biking, rowing and swimming.

Low impact sports bra

These type of Sports bras are used for low-intensity sports which involves slow physical movement such as walking, yoga etc.

How to find the right sports bra?

Types of Sports bra

Compression sports bra

These sports bras are best suited for low to medium intensity workout. They do not have any built-in cups and they look similar to a pullover style. Those who feel uncomfortable with bouncing breasts can wear such type of bras as it holds your breasts firm and restricts the movement of your breasts.

Encapsulation sports bra

These sports bras are specifically made for high-intensity activities. They have built-in cups which will not create any compression or force against your chest area. Encapsulation sports bras are also heavily padded and come with an underwire which provides great support during a high-intensity workout.

Encapsulation/ compression sports bra

This type of sports bra provides a combination of compression and comfort at the same time. These types of sports bra provide a lot of support for your breasts during high-intensity exercise. At the same time, they give tremendous support for your breasts and keep them in good shape.

Types of straps in a sports bra

Criss-Cross Back

These type of straps comes in a great style and has a criss-cross strap at the back. They hold the bra firm from all sides and looks so fashionable. Criss-cross strapped sports bras are adjustable and they give a great look when worn with a deep back neck tank top.

Racerback straps

Racerback strapped sports bras are normally used for a high-intensity workout. The back straps are joined together which creates a Y-shapes which looks so adorable.

Back Clasp

These types of strapped sports bra look similar to everyday bras. They have adjustable straps and hooks at the back. It also comes with padding and underwire which gives more comfort.

How to find the right sports bra

Benefits of Wearing the Right Sports Bra

We start by examining the major benefits and advantages of putting on a sports bra while exercising. To come up with this list, I invested considerable wit, time, focus and attention. You may hence count on the list to be a reliable benchmark.

Great for Handling Injuries and Cosmetic Surgeries

You will usually sustain some injuries in the course of exercising or undertaking some sporting activities. It is at this time that the bras come in handy. They are specially designed and formulated to aid your recovery from these injuries.

At the same time, they also expedite your healing. Things will get worst in this situation if you try to do exercise without a bra. Kindly note that not all bras may yield you this benefit. That is because they come in diverse shapes, sizes, forms, and makes.

To be assured of this benefit, insist only on that bra that is intended to aid your recovery from the stated injuries. A doctor’s nod may also be necessary.

Confer better benefits than the regular bras

Sports bras differ markedly from their regular counterparts regarding their makeup and design. They lack the straps which often impede the ease which they may be worn or put out. This means they are better to handle than their ordinary alternatives. It is also noteworthy that it is convenient to use.

What’s more? They are less likely to leave behind ugly skin marks as is the case with those of the normal makes and shapes. For these reasons, you may also consider wearing them for those ordinary chores and duties. Use them for the great support and utmost reliability.

Extremely fashionable

Nobody abhors fashion. Indeed, it is the desire of just about anyone to lay her hand on an attire which is in vogue and is also prestigious.

Many makers of these bras have deduced ways and means of making their attire fashionable. From Adidas to Nike to Champion, this list is endless. In light of this, the market is flooded with sports bras of multiple shapes, sizes, fits, colours, designs, and comfort levels.

Further, to this, many famous women like celebrities, sports stars, fashion enthusiasts, and entertainers have been spotted putting them on. Why should you be left out?

Reduces the chances of long-term breast sagging

If you try to do exercise without a bra, your breasts will start sagging. When this happens, the breasts appear ghastly; not to mention interfering with your shape, stature, and form. You definitely would not want to fall into this trap; not unless you are not women worth her salt.

Yet again, the sports bras come in handy at such times and for such purposes. Being tight, these bras keep your breasts firmly in shape regardless of how intense the exercising may be. In the course of so doing, they reduce the likelihood of long-term breast sagging.

Spare you from nasty stares and gazes

As hinted above, sagging breasts are generally ghastly to behold. It is hence in your best interest to prevent the issue from arising at all costs. To do this, you will yet again require utilizing the sports bras. They aid in this due to their possession of some outstanding traits.

They fit snugly around your upper torso. In the course of so doing, they hold your breasts firmly in place. While at it, they also prevent your breasts from bouncing uncontrollably in the course of exercising. They may not prevent people from staring at your breasts but will ward off embarrassments.

Combat Breast Pains

While exercising without a bra, your muscle ligaments will often move up, down and sideways from time to time. It is not uncommon for pangs of pain to arise while at it. Given that sports bras limit the movements of the breasts as noted, you will usually experience limited to no pain at all.

Under some special circumstances, you might experience limited pain. You are advised to go and consult your doctor. Let him aid you in identifying a comfortable and secure fitting bra for your use. This will surely go a long way in cutting down this pain. If symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

Prevents Unnecessary Discomforts

Discomforts are inevitable in any sporting or exercising venture. However, they have to be manageable and within safe limits. This can only happen if you put on the requisite sporting attire for your workouts. As part of your preparation, you have to make use of the sports bras.

They generally confer some added support to your upper torso, breasts, and associated ligaments. All these are lacking in the regular bras.

It hence follows that they are better placed at managing your pains and guaranteeing the needed comfort. Only be sure that the one you lay your hand on is higher in quality.

Extra Storage Capacity

Some, not all, sports bras come equipped with some storage areas. In these areas, you may slot in your small and portable gadgets. Examples include MP3 players, cell phones, wearable’s, and watches, among others. These storage areas negate the need to carry around heavier and bulkier pouches not to mention being convenient.

Moreover, they are also invisible and highly secure. This being the case, the bras absolve you from the need to worry too much about losing these gears. At the same time, they place the gears strategically in such a way as to allow for easy access and retrieval.

Sweat and Temperature Controls and Regulations

Several modern sports bras are designed to regulate and control temperature and sweat. This stems from their possession of technical fabric’s composition. Some are capable of wicking away sweat from your body. Others may bolster the flow of air to your skin and so on.

The results of these initiatives are relatively cool and breathable skins and bodies. With this kind of arrangement, you will be able to exercise without any worries. You will also exercise for a prolonged duration of time without having to take rests now and then.

Minimize Embarrassing Breast Movements

Apart from preventing your breasts from sagging, the sports bras also minimize embarrassing breasts movements. It is a well-known fact that breasts fidget and move unnecessarily when they are engaged. To stop these movements, use a specially designed sports bra. It also has to be tight for your maximum convenience.

These sports bras do the job principally by holding your breasts firmly in place. In the process, they make your breasts to feel less quashed and moderately comfortable. The full-figure sports bras are by far the best for the job. They provide maximum support more so for those large busts.

How to find the right sports bra?

Potential Drawbacks in not wearing the right Sports Bra

Having examined the benefits of sports bras, it is about time to now explore a couple of their potential downsides. We believe a balanced approach to the issue will more likely enable you to arrive at a reliable and objective decision.


It has been noted that many women put on incompatible sports bras. This means they put on bras that are either too small or too large for them. Either decision comes along with some undesirable consequences. This is why it is necessary to make appropriate preparations.

A too large a bra will not do anything to prevent the breasts from sagging, fidgeting, or growing disproportionately. They will also do nothing in stopping those embarrassing gazes and looks which the wearers of ordinary bras have to contend with. You hence have to deal with the issue amicably.

Reduced Breathability

In some instances, women do put on sports bras that are tightly fitting. These not only impose some excessive stress on your breasts but also impede the smooth exchange of air into and out of the breasts. With reduced Breathability come some inconveniences which may also hamper your performance.

You should hence make some deliberate effort to put on only those sports bras which are as closely fitting as can be. At the same time, the kind of fabric you choose has a bearing on the comfort you will reap. Make sure you only utilize those fabric’s that have plenty of air spaces.

Possible Harms

There are some sports bras which are also injurious. That stems mostly from their underwire which has been noted to inflict some bruises or painful sores. The only way to get around this issue is to choose those bras which lack these potentially painful parts and components.

If you have no choice but to put them on, you have to exercise some caution and due diligence. Reinforce the safety and comfort of the bras by slotting in some comfortable pads in between the underwire and the skin of your breasts. Exercise lightly also to minimize pain.

‘Uni-boob’ Situation

The uni-boob situation refers to an instance where the breasts retract inwards. This arises mostly when you put on the bras for too long or frequently. The stress of the bra is what pushes your boobs. You do not want to accrue the ghastly outcomes and appearances which ordinarily come along.

To prevent this issue from arising, you have to exercise some moderation while putting on the bras. Put them on only while exercising. As soon as you are done, get them off and switch to the ordinary bras. This way, your breasts will still have some ample opportunity to grow luxuriously.

How to Pick the Right Sports Bras

Having learned the benefits and possible downsides of this wonderful sporting attire, it is about time to know how to make the most informed purchasing decision. Below are some factors to consider while looking for the best one:

————>>>——- Finding the Right Sports Bra ———->>—————–


Breast Size and Shape

Your breast size should be your primary consideration while searching for the right sports bra. As noted severally earlier, the right bra has to conform as nearly to the shape and size of your breast as can be. This is to prevent friction and other associated injuries from arising while guaranteeing comfort. You can refer to the other article of mine  “Bra Fitting Guide” in case you need to know how to measure your bra size.

The Intensity of the Exercise

How tough or intense do you anticipate your exercise to be? Rough or too intense exercising requires equally tough and durable bras. This, of course, is to guarantee appropriate support to your breasts. For light exercising, on the other hand, ordinary kinds of bras will do you some good.

Desired Frequency and Duration of Use

Lastly, for how long or how often do you intend to use your sports bras? If you plan to do so regularly, you have to find one that is extremely tough and durable. This is to be assured seamless operations and longevity of outcomes. If your search is mostly determined by one time or occasional use, any sporting bra will do you some good.


Sports bras are favourite to every woman who is physically active and they usually try to have a huge collection of different sports bras in their wardrobe. Few women prefer to wear a sports bra instead of a regularly worn bra.

There are sports bras of many shapes, sizes and styles in the market. Some are made for a specific purpose only. Therefore it is very challenging to find one and you end up asking this million dollar question How to Find the Right Sports Bra? and this guide actually gives you a solution.

For women who engage in a highly intense workout which involves a lot of physical movement, compression sports should be the best option. They can hold your breast firm and steady during your high-impact workout.

For those who do not involve in a heavy workout and just prefer going for a walk or do yoga, encapsulation bra should do for them. It does not compress your breast against your chest and hence gives a lot of comforts and a relaxed feeling.

It may take little time for you to get used to a sports bra or you may find their price to be on a higher side. But the kind of comfort and relaxation that it gives is priceless. Make sure that you choose the correct sized bra and choose a specific bra relevant to your activity to get the best out of it.

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