How to Find the Best t-shirt for Women? – Devis Fashion Wear

How to Find the Best t-shirt for Women? – Devis Fashion Wear

With so many options available in the market it is very difficult to find the best t-shirt for women. There are plenty of brands, designs and fabrics to choose from. This will put the women in a most uncomfortable situation when it comes to her decision-making.

If you are looking for a want to buy a t-shirt which could absorb your sweat you may not find one with such a quality. You may be looking for a t-shirt with a very soft fabric. However, you may end up buying a t-shirt which may irritate your skin. There are many such problems which women face while buying a t-shirt.

You may be looking for a source or a platform which can give you all the information that you may need to buy a perfect t-shirt which fulfills your requirements. All that women needs a t-shirt which is very comfortable for you, economical and most importantly servers her specific purpose.

We have put together all the information in this guide that can help you in choosing the best t-shirt.

the best t-shirt for women

What to look out for while choosing the best t-shirt for women?

When you are going to choose a t-shirt, there are many factors which may need to be considered. Never choose t-shirts based on its look and colour. Also, never choose a t-shirt that matches well with your workout pants or shorts. Below are some important factors that may have to be taken into your consideration

Ability to wick

One of the most important features that need to be checked on a t-shirt is that if the t-shirt can wick. One of the major challenge faced by some working out women is that they sweet too much. The ability of the fabric to retract the moisture away from the body is called wicking.

A fabric with wicking ability not only absorbs sweat but also it dries us quickly which makes you comfortable to wear them. Some materials used to get this wicking quality are polyester and synthetic materials. Wicking clothes also can keep you warm during winter and cooler during summer.

What is the actual purpose?

Before you even choose the t-shirt you must know the actual purpose of buying it. You must first find what activity you are going to get involved and based on that you can choose the type of t-shirt. Different types are t-shirts are used for different purposes and their benefits.

For example, tight t-shirts may be best for swimming, gymnasium and cycling. Whereas, loose t-shirts may be suitable for yoga and aerobics. You can probably start with trying out some t-shirts and perform some moves that you may be doing during the activity. You may choose based on your comfort zone.

To make it simple, you may even buy a few cheaper t-shirts of different style and patter and try them and decide on which one to buy.

Level of comfort

The last thing that you want to focus on is your clothes while doing your exercise. You may need to avoid anything that is irritating to your skin and makes it harder during your exercise.

If you are looking for a wear a t-shirt which is too small, it may expose your body and you will not be able to efficiently move your body. At the same time, you cannot even wear a loose shirt which may look awkward. Looking for a t-shirt made of spandex material would be a good choice.

the best t-shirt for women

The best t-shirt fabric for women

Once you know what qualities to look for when buying a t-shirt, knowing the suitable fabric for your t-shirt is the next big thing. The type of fabric that you may choose is dependent on the type of exercise that you would be doing. It is worth knowing some fabric used for t-shirts. Below are some of them


Clothes made of spandex are very soft when touched and therefore very comfortable to wear. They are very much stretchable and are sweet resistance. They can absorb the sweat and also dries quickly. Hence, you are free from sweet stickiness’.

They are commonly used in making compression clothing and also has a long elongation which makes you feel very comfortable to wear.


Nylon fabric is very thin and lightweight material and therefore very easy to handle. It is one of the popular types of fabric because they are very cheap and can be found easily in the market.

The best part about nylon fabric is that they are very strong and durable which makes them very difficult to rip off. Another special quality about nylon is that they dry quickly which can be used more often in the rainy season.


They are the most popular fabric used for clothing in the market. They are known for giving a lot of comfort for those who wear them. You are more likely to smell pleasant as the cotton fabric absorbs your sweat.

The best part about cotton fabric is that they don’t chafe which means that you can wear them for a very long period without getting any irritation or scratch on your skin. But, if you wear them for a longer duration, the cotton may lose its shape.

The drawback on using the cotton fabric is that they get sodden as they get wet through your sweet. They take a very longer time to dry and that may cause some discomfort to you.


Synthetic clothing has a unique quality of wicking your sweat. What this means is that you will remain dry throughout your workout and there won’t be any discomfort like sodden clothing. You may have to compromise with a bad sweat smell on you and also on the fabric.

However, this can be taken care of my doing a spin in your washing machine. In my opinion, it is best to go for synthetic t-shirts though they smell bad during your workout. But it will be comfortable to wear throughout your workout.the best t-shirt for women

Different types of t-shirt

There are different types of t shirt’s which are manufactured to sever different purposes. If you are indulging in a particular activity then it is good if you wear the clothing that suits the condition.

Crew neck t-shirts

Crew neck t-shirt looks like a round neck. As the name suggests, they are usually worn by oarsmen on a boat. They follow the line of a collarbone and covers the entire cheek of a woman.

They are not so attractive and are usually worn as casual wear. Women who don’t prefer exposing their chest can try the crew neck pattern.

V-neck t-shirts

V-neck t-shirt is a type of t-shirt which is not preferred by many women. Few don’t like the way it looks and some don’t like because it may be more revealing. But there is a certain category of women who love wearing V-neck t-shirts more often.

V-neck t-shirts may be more appealing to women with certain physical quality in them.

Large Bust – A woman with a huge breast will look more appealing and hot in a V-neck t-shirt. Your large bust will be so much revealing and can grab people’s attention even in a huge crowd.

Small – A woman who is short and wants to look taller can try the V-neck t-shirt which has an elongating quality when it is worn.

Short waist– When women with a short waist wears a V-neck t-shirt, it will just grab the attention of the onlooker and the short waist will go unnoticed.

Short neck – Women who are worried about having a shorter neck need not worry about it. The V-neck t-shirt will assist in elongating the length of the neck.

Yoga t-shirt

The type of type you need while doing yoga depends on the type of yoga that you are involved in. There are different types of yoga which are practiced all over.

If you choose to do a high intense yoga which involved a lot of body movements and a lot of bending and stretching, you may tend to sweet more and you may need a lot of breathers. In such cases, It would be good to use a loose t-shirt with a V-neck while practicing such type of yoga. If you are more into meditation, less physical movement and low intense yoga, then you must go for a tight t-shirt.

Compression t-shirt

The compression t-shirt is the current trend and most popular among men and they prefer wearing them over another type of t-shirts. There are many fans following for this type of t-shirt because of the technology which is used in making them.

They are most popular among athletes and swimmers because of its wide range of benefits. Compression t-shirts come with a skin tight-fitting which is responsible for maintaining your body temperature.

The biggest advantage of wearing the compression t-shirt is that they prevent you from getting injured and muscle soring and your body stiffness. They tend to hold your muscle firmly and hence preventing muscle tear.


You must choose the correct workout t-shirt based on the type of exercise you get involved in. Finding the right fabric and clothing material is as important as spending money on your month’s gym fee.

First of all, you need to find what you are looking for in a workout t-shirt. Accordingly, you need to choose a fabric that fits into your workout activity.

Eventually, you may have to choose the perfect t-shirt type whether it is a compression t-shirt or cotton made t-shirt or any other type of t-shirt that fulfills your requirement.

Only if you are wearing the best quality clothing, you will be in a good mental condition to have a great experience during your workout.

I hope this article was helpful to you and cleared all the doubts that you had about choosing a t-shirt. I also hope that you have found an answer to the big question that you had in your mind ” How to find the best t-shirt for women ? “

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