How Do I Measure My Bra Size? – Devis Fashion Wear

How Do I Measure My Bra Size? – Devis Fashion Wear

Most of the women are sick of wearing a bra of incorrect size and they are in search of a method to find their correct bra size. The only question that pops out of their mind is How Do I Measure My Bra Size?

It is very obvious that a woman would hesitate to go to a male fashion designer or drop into a crowded lingerie store and tell to the store attender that she does not know her bra size or even ask him to measure her breast size.

I certainly understand the pain that a woman has to go through in such a situation. This blog would also cover a few other important aspects such as finding a correct bra size for a pregnant and a plus-size woman. I am pretty sure that it would be worth reading.

Bra Size Guide

A perfectly fitted bra not only makes you look great, but it also builds confidence and emotional strength within you. It is very important for you to find your bra size which is associated with how confident, comfortable and outspoken you would be with your surroundings.

We have come across a lot of complicated methods on the internet to measure one simple thing called “Bra Size”. I will be walking you through a few easy steps in measuring your bra size. This can be easily followed by all and more importantly, it is self-help activity and you can do it by yourself.

Method 1: Self Measurement

Measurement tape, your best fitting non-padded bra, paper, and pen are 3 basic equipment’s required to measure your bra size by yourself. Always measure your bra size on the fly i.e. while wearing, to get a precise and accurate number.

How do we measure?

Step 1: Find Your Band Size
  • Take a measuring tape and place it around your torso right under your bust at your bra’s band level.
  • The measuring tape should be hugging your body and should be parallel with the floor.
  • Note down the measurement in inches and you need to add it with the number from 0 to 5. You will choose the number between 0 to 5 based on the below criteria.How Do I Measure My Bra Size

Add 1, 3 or 5 inches if the measurement number is odd.

Add 0, 2 or 4 inches if the measurement number is even.

Example: If your measurement number is 26 inches, this is an even number, so we’ll add 0 and 2 to find our band starting sizes.

If you add 0 then your band size will be a 26. If you add 2 then your band size will be 28.

When your measured number is 29 inches then you would add 1 and 3 inches to this measurement. The recommended band sizes would be 30 and 32 inches.

Step 2: Find Your Bust Measurement

It is very important that you first find your bust and band size because your cup size depends on them. Therefore, make sure you don’t do any mistake in your measurement.

How Do I Measure My Bra Size
  • Please the measuring tape around your breast at the nipple level and should be parallel to the floor.
  • Record the measured number and round it up to the nearest whole number.
  • Using the band size and the bust size you will do a mathematical calculation as shown below

Example: Your bust measures 36″.

Step 3: Calculate Your Cup Size

Now that we have your band size and the bust size, we shall do a simple math

  1. Subtract your lowest band size (step 1) from your lowest bust measurement (step 2).
  2. Note down the result
  3. Use the below chart to determine your cup size based on the above result.
  • ·0 – your cup size is AA.
  • ·1 – your cup size is A.
  • ·2 – your cup size is B.
  • ·3 – your cup size is C.
  • ·4 – your cup size is D.
  • ·5 – your cup size is DD *or in some brands, an E cup.
  • ·6 – your cup size is DDD *or in some brands, an F cup.
  • ·7 – your cup size is DDD *or in some brands, a G cup.
  • ·8 – your cup size is H

Example: If your bust measures 36″, and your smallest band size is a 30, the difference is 6.

That means, for a band size of 30, your suggested cup size would be an F or DDD cup. It also depends on the manufacturer.

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Method 2: Bra Size Calculator

In this method, you will measure your bust and under-bust using a measuring tape. You need to insert those numbers into a bra calculator. The bar calculator uses its own set of algorithms and calculations and suggests a bra size for you.

The challenging part here is that the bra calculator does not consider a few things such as comfort, age, and bust shape.  Hence, you must use a bra calculator in situations where you may just need an idea about your fitting and for a second opinion.

Benefits of choosing a bra of the correct size

Now let us first discuss a few benefits of wearing a bra of the correct size.

No More Sagging

A woman’s breasts are made up of several ligaments that join together and are held by her chest. She has to make sure that the bra cups are well poised when she chooses her bra. Therefore, her breast doesn’t overlap with the bra cup. This way it will be easy for the bra cup to firmly hold her heavy breast.

How Do I Measure My Bra Size

If she wears an oversized bra then her breasts may fall off due to its heaviness. Her breast will start sagging if not addressed at the beginning stage. Therefore, she must wear a bra of the correct size which will serve the purpose of holding her sexy breasts upfront.

Looking Attractive to man’s eye

Every woman’s biggest wish is to look attractive and beautiful to her husband or boyfriends eyes. The sexiest body part of a woman is nothing but her breast which can turn on a man to unimaginable limits.

Having said that, a woman has to ensure that she wears a well-designed, well-padded and more importantly well-fitted bra to grab the attention of her partner.

There have been many cases where a woman would have very huge and sexy breasts. But due to incorrect bra size, her breast would start sagging. Irrespective of a woman’s breast size, a well fitted and well-designed bra can make a huge difference in her sexual life.

Avoids Skin Related Problems

The most common problem that a woman faces in wearing a tight bra is that she get scars on her under bust area. There is a very common complains that a woman gets blisters around her breast area. This is mainly because the bra is very tight and there is no breathing space for the breast.

Therefore it is always advisable for a woman to avoid wearing a tight bra and make sure that she measures her correct size and then purchase a bra.

Eliminates Pain and Bad Posture

Wearing an undersized bra leads to severe back pain and other long term spine-related issues. This is because a tight bra would squeeze the bra strap into her back and this will, in turn, apply direct pressure on a woman’s back and that might cause injury to her back. It may also change her sitting and standing posture.

How Do I Measure My Bra Size

It may lead to a lot of incurable complications if not addressed at an early stage. Therefore, a good quality bra must be smooth, well-padded and most importantly it should give a lot of breathing space to her breast.

Free from Juggling Problem

This is one common problem that every woman faces when she wears an oversized bra and it is called a juggling problem. Nowadays woman gets involved so much in her physical activities that her breasts keep bouncing up and down so much that she ends up getting a lot of pain in her breasts.

It might look attractive and sexy to a man’s eyes, but a woman has to go through a lot of suffering and pain due to breast bouncing problem. She has to, therefore, choose a bra which holds her breast firm enough that it does not bounce at any time.

Avoids Headache

The problem with wearing a tight bra does not only restrict to the skin and a back problem. An oversized bra does not offer sufficient support to her cleavage and due to this the neck and the shoulder muscles have to work harder to support the weight of your breast.

When her neck muscles become overworked, she has a higher chance of getting a headache which in medical terms is called cervicogenic headaches. This can be avoided if she wears the correct size bra.

Bra Size for a Pregnant Woman

The most important and crucial stage in a woman’s life is her pregnancy days. This is the period where a woman needs to feel comfortable in what she wears. At this time her breasts tend to grow very fast and thus increases her breast weight. It is estimated that a pregnant women’s breast grows from about 1 to 3 cup size.How Do I Measure My Bra Size

During pregnancy, a woman’s breast not only grows bigger but also becomes heavier. Therefore, she has to buy a good quality bra which is very soft and that which could have stretchable cups.

During the 30 to 32 week period, one has to buy a maternity bra. It is always recommended to buy a non-underwired bra during her third trimester which could avoid back pain and stretch marks underneath her breast.

A pregnant woman must also try wearing a pregnancy bra of her favorite color to look beautiful in bra and also soft cup nursing bra for a good sleep. This would, in turn, enhance and build interest in her pregnancy life. Her breasts start getting smaller when her nursing days are over. During this stage, she has to keep checking her breast size monthly and buy her bras accordingly.

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Bra size for Plus Size Woman

Measuring bra size for a plus-size woman is as equally important as it is done for a normal-sized woman. A plus-sized woman would look more sexy and hot in her two-piece. It is very easy for a plus-sized woman to grab her partner’s attention when she wears a well fitted and attractive bra.

A plus-sized lady has to find her exact bra size before buying one. It is advisable to look out for a non-padded underwire bra which is exclusively made for a bigger breast ladies.

Choosing a smoother and slimmer bra will make her breast look very attractive. It will also make her feel more confident about herself.

A strapless bra always looks beautiful on a plus-size lady. Strapless bra looks as though they have been made for large cup sizes. If you are one of those plus-sized heavy breast ladies then this is what you need to wear.

All that is needed is you measure your correct bra size and find a strapless bra which is has a light padding to give a smooth look to you. Look for strong gripping strips which will hold your bra in its place.

With that strapless bra on you, your fluffy breast and your back and side boning will look stunning and will make guys fall for you.


A woman always had a concern of measuring her bra size. A woman never had any other option than to go to a lingerie store to check her bra size. But today, everything has changed. A woman can find her bra size be staying at home. She can also order a perfect sized bra without even having to do a trial with the bra.

By now, I am pretty sure that every woman would accept the fact that measuring her bra size is a very important thing before buying. It could also play a pivotal role in your physical and emotional well being. One can measure their bra size either by doing self-measurement or by using a bra calculator. A table has been provided above for your reference if you are opting for self-measurement.

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  1. This is a great post and I actually didn’t know how to measure my bra size properly until now. I’ve always done the “try on” test and hoped for the best. It’s good to know there are online calculators too, as I didn’t know they existed so I will be checking that out too. Thanks.

  2. I am so glad I found this article today. I have recently gained a bit of weight and it is time to do the dreaded bra shopping again. Ugh I was considering going to Victoria Secret because sometimes the staff will measure you breast size you, but now I do not really need to go at all and I can just order online~ Woo hoo! Thanks again!

    • Wow .. Very happy to hear from you . You are always welcome to buy anything you want from my blog and do let me know if you need any help

  3. Hello Sai,
    I’m glad I read your article, I learned something new. I always have problems with my bras: they are too tight, uncomfortable, small or too wide. I even didn’t know how to measure myself until now. You showed the technique in 3 easy steps! But what to do if the breasts are not equal? left side a little bigger than right? Anyway, I found two main things in your post 1) how to measure myself for the perfect bra 2) I don’t have to go to the store and feel any more uncomfortable buying bra.

    • I am glad that this blog was helpful to you. This article can be handy for you when you want to measure your bra size.

      It is perfectly fine if the breasts are not equally sized. In such a situation to have a bra for uneven breasts, there are three options that you have as per my knowledge
      1) You can buy asymmetrical bra’s which are available online
      2) you can adjust your straps differently as per your convenience
      3) you can inserts and enhancers ( cleavage cupcakes) to increase the smaller breast size to balance with the larger size.
      Use the below link for your reference

      For any further assistance, please contact me through this comment page or from about me page.

      Thank you

  4. I love your instructions. I always wondered how to calculate proper bra size. I’ve recently lost some weight and needed new bras. I ended up going to Victoria Secret to get measured and sized, which I also did years ago after having my second baby. A little uncomfortable standing in front of someone in nothing but a bra on top while they decide if it fits you or not. While I did find out I am down a band size and cup size, I just wish I would’ve found your post first!

    • Hello Amber,

      I am glad that this article was very helpful to you and will continue to be useful for your future. Happy parenthood Ambur. Just in case you need any help related to your bra, please contact me and I will do my best to serve you.


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