Are Jumpsuits Flattering?- Devis Fashion Wear

Are Jumpsuits Flattering?- Devis Fashion Wear

I am right now at a cocktail party and having a wonderful time with my girlfriends. I see women have come in different attire and are looking so beautiful and attractive. My eyes got caught up looking at this beautiful and tall looking lady who wearing this unique attire which looked astonishing and mind-blowing. By checking with my girlfriends I got to know that she was wearing a jumpsuit. The first thing that came to my mind was, are jumpsuits flattering?

My answer to this question would be yes. This is because I got flattered seeing the lady in her beautiful jumpsuit. She not only grabbed my attention. Many other guys in the cocktail party got flattered seeing her.

You may find women who wear different attires which may look very attractive and trendy. But jumpsuits are so different from all of them and it can easily capture your attention even in a larger gathering. Once done with the cocktail party, I soon took out my laptop and did a little research on this amazing attire and was trying to know more about it.

I have gathered so many questions which people had about jumpsuits and I am writing this blog which is dedicated to people like standing out from the crowd and who are willing to know more about jumpsuits.

What is a jumpsuit?

Jumpsuit is a head to toe all in one garment and is very different from other conventional dress type. It is a single piece attire usually from the neck to the toe end of a woman’s body. The style has been inherited from the original jumpsuits used by the parachuters.

You will not have a burden of choosing a matching top or pants as it is one single piece of garment. Jumpsuits is one of the best alternative to other types of clothing and wearing them you can show your fashion statement.

are jumpsuits flattering?

How do you style a jumpsuit?

Wearing your jumpsuit is not the end of it. You can further extend your fashion statement by wearing a lot of additional accessories with a jumpsuit. I have mentioned some of them if you see below

Jumpsuit with belts

If you are new to wear a jumpsuit, trying a belt should be your first choice. No doubt a beautiful jumpsuit alone would look extraordinary, wearing a belt over your jumpsuit can add a new dimension to the attire. By wearing a belt, you are revealing your waist size to the onlooker which could be very flattering.

By wearing a belt over your jumpsuit, you would appear slimmer than what you appear to be. While choosing the belt colour, go for a contrasting colour to that of your jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit with jewellery

Sometimes a jumpsuit can appear very plain and simple to other eyes. It is always good if you wear a bright accessory such as a jewellery.

If you are wearing a formal jumpsuit, try wearing a gold jewellery alone with it. Fancy coloured jewellery would go well with a causal styled jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit with sunglasses

Sun glasses have always knows to go very well with ladies especially when they wear unconventional dresses like jumpsuit. Wearing a sun glass alone with a jumpsuit will make the ladies appear very bold and beautiful.

While choosing the sunglasses shades, always go for a contrasting shade colour to that of your jumpsuit. Always go for a light coloured shades such as white if you wear a dark colour jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits with high heels

Jumpsuits tend to make women appear shorter than what they are. Low waist jumpsuit and a wide leg jumpsuit makes a woman with average height appear shorter. The ideal way to overcome this problem is to wear high heels.

When you wear high heels, it lengthens your legs and make you appear taller. While choosing heels, go for a slimmer one as it keeps the look very sleek and fashionable.

Is jumpsuit formal or casual?

Jumpsuits are prefect dress for every occasion whether it is formal or casual. If you are planning to wear it for a formal event then go for a wide leg jumpsuits which are either black or white colour. Whereas, heavily printed jumpsuits can be used for social gathering such as parties.

If you work in a fashion, advertising or a marketing firm, wearing a formal jumpsuit would be perfectly fine and they would look more formal as well. It is very easy to find a casual jumpsuit, but you need to consider many things such as the length, fit and colour while choosing a formal jumpsuit.

Are jumpsuits flattering?

Are jumpsuits flattering on plus size?

If you think you are a little over sized and rounder than before, you don’t have to worry about it. You can wear a jumpsuit and still look gorgeous and slimmer like before. Here are some tips you can follow if you are a plus size lady.

Highlight your waist

If you wear a jumpsuit and you don’t define your waist, then you must be doing very wrong with your jumpsuit. Defining your waist would make you appear slimmer. There are 2 ways of highlighting your waist.

  • Wearing a belt slightly above your waist around your tummy
  • Choosing a jumpsuit which has a built-in waist line.

Jumpsuit with wide leg

If you think you are little fat with a big booty and thicker thighs, then you go for a wide leg jumpsuits which will not reveal your actual size. Never go for a slim fit jumpsuit as it may show up that extra pound which you have.

Go for a dark colour

Dark colours appear to me slimmer than the other colours. Go for a dark coloured jumpsuit which will cover up your extra pounds and make you appear slim. You have wide variety of options when it comes to dark colour such as dark blue and maroon, which looks more attractive than a black colour.

Go for a V-neck neckline

If you wear a V-neck or a deep neck jumpsuit, your neck will appear elongated. This will in turn make you appear taller and slimmer.

Shoes to wear with a jumpsuit

Most people think that wearing a jumpsuit is the end of it. But they don’t realise the fact that people even look their legs. How would it be if you wear one of the most beautiful piece of jumpsuit and wear an irrelevant pair of shoes? Well, below are some options which you may choose when you wear a jumpsuit.


If you are someone who loves to wear things that displays your fashion statement then wearing a nice pair of boots must be your choice.

Go for ankle length boot with a dark colour finishing. You must got for ankle length jumpsuit which will highlight your boots even more. If you are wearing a formal jumpsuit, then boots would be a good choice which will keep you more formal.


If you was to keep things very simple and low profile, then go for a pair of flats. It looks very simple and goes well with any type of jumpsuit except formal ones.

If you are more into cocktail parties and social get together, wearing flats would be very convenient if you are on the dance floor.

High Heels

Women who are short and wants to look taller with their jumpsuits can try wearing high heels. It gives few inches to them and make them appear taller. If you are one of those pretty women who loves to gain attention from the crowd, wearing a high heels should be the best choice.are jumpsuits flattering?

Can I wear jumpsuits for wedding?

Well, we have attended so many wedding and the one thing which is most common and never changed over the years is that dress that women wear. You would see most of the women in gowns which is a kind of outdated.

The new generation is looking for a change which is cool and refreshing to see. There is a specific rule in choosing a jumpsuit for wedding. You can wear a jumpsuit which you feel more comfortable with.

To maintain some aesthetic about the wedding event, you can try adding few accessories to your jumpsuit. You can try wearing gold jewellery and necklace which can give a marriage feel to the attire that you wear.

You may even try with a formal jumpsuit which may go well with the marriage event. Adding accessories to your formal jumpsuit would make your appearance more appealing. You may try wearing a black tie or a contrasting jacket to that of your jumpsuit colour.


Are jumpsuits flattering? My answer is indeed yes. I can take my example where I got flattered seeing a pretty woman in her jumpsuit at the cocktail party. You got so much flattered that I even wrote this blog with so many questions that I had in my mind about jumpsuit.

My experience at the party also proves the fact that jumpsuits can also be worn at the cocktail party as well. I am sure even you would have had many questions about jumpsuit in your mind and I hope this blog covered all your doubts.

Well, I conclude that this beautiful piece of attire can be worn by any women irrespective of their colour, size and location provided they consider all the about things before choosing a jumpsuit.

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  1. Though I’m not a jumpsuit person, this is a really cool article. I like how you talked about matching different types of shoes and boots, the neckline, the colors, etc. It makes wearing a jumpsuit sound fun. Thank you for writing and sharing this.

    • Thank you lokhi for liking this article. I happy that you are impressed. Please let me know if you need any help with respect to anything that interests you .


  2. I always see these jumpsuits around but like anything women fashion related, I had no idea what it was called. Nice info on the article

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