10 Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Wedding Dress for the Bride

Does choosing a wrong wedding dress for the bride mess up her married life?

This is one hell of a question which most of the women ask themselves in their mind. The truth is that most of the woman makes a lot of silly mistakes while shopping for their wedding. They end up making a big blunder in choosing the right bridal dress which ultimately affects their married life.

As we all understand that a wedding is a symbol of commitment and love between a bride and a groom. But the hidden truth is the elders from both sides of the family would utilize most of the situation to display their status and wealth. Irrespective of whether the family is rich or middle-class, people wear their favourite dresses to look superior to other eyes.

As far as the bride is concerned, marriage is the most important and a special day for her life. This is the day when two different souls merge and stay as one for the rest of their lives. Every bride would want to look very beautiful to her man’s eyes. wedding dress for the bride

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a wedding dress for the bride

Mistakes are bound to happen in everyone’s life. But there are certain mistakes which are better to be avoided for the betterment of your life. You must be very cautious with whatever you decide to do during your marriage. There are certain mistakes made by most of the woman out there which are better to be avoided for a good ending to their marriage.

Trying too many collections

This is something which more than 90 per cent of the woman do when they go shopping. You tend to try out too many collections just to choose one dress.

It is necessary to have a choice before deciding on one particular dress. But having too many things to choose from makes it very complicated.

It is advisable to have a maximum of 2 to 3 products to choose from before deciding on one best collection. Having too many collections will create confusion in your mind and you are prone to do mistakes when confused.

Buying Everything in One Go

Wedding dresses are not the only thing which you would be wearing during your marriage. There are many other accessories which makes you a perfect bride. It starts from your hair accessories, handbags, gloves, garment bags, wedding dress preservation, honeymoon lingerie and many more.

It is very important that you plan your shopping in such a way that you finish your accessory shopping at least three to four months in advance and look out for your bridal dress in the end. Choosing a bridal dress will be more time-consuming and you do not want to be distracted during this time.

This way you can avoid last-minute hassle which could spoil your mood on the marriage day.

Living for the Future

We have always heard from the great people that we need to set our goals and plan for the future. It might make sense to certain aspects of our life. But when it comes to shopping bridal dress, I would rather suggest you stay away from such logic.

A woman must not predict how she would look like after 6 or 8 months and decide on her dress size today. You should not choose a dress based on your future prediction.

This may lead to unnecessary complications. In case, your shoulder and breast size would remain the same even after 5 years, your dresses might look oversized or under-sized. Therefore, you must always choose a bridal gown based on your current shoulder and bust size and not on your future predicted size.

Unplanned Budget

Marriage and pregnancy are the two most important events in a woman’s life. Marriage is your best and the life-changing event and you must take utmost care in making it happen. Planning your shopping budget is very much necessary and should not be overlooked.

You must plan your budget in such a way that 60 per cent of your budget is kept aside for buying dresses and 20 per cent in other bridal accessories and remaining 20 per cent for your makeup and beautification section.

If the budget is not planned correctly then it might lead to a situation where you might have to give up on some of the shopping plans. wedding dress for the bride

Giving full authority to others

There is no better person than you on this planet who knows more about you. You are the best person to judge what makes you comfortable and what makes you uncomfortable.

Therefore, it is very important that you do not give the upper hand to others to control your decision making.
When you go shopping with your best friend or closest one, taking suggestions from them is perfectly fine.

Your best friend might have a different taste is dressing and her liking may vary from you. Therefore, you have to choose the dress based on your liking and comfort zone. After all, the marriage is yours and why would you let others decide on what you have to wear.

Shopping at the wrong time

The most important thing that you must take into consideration is shopping must not be done too early or too late from your marriage date. You must have a free time of least 3 to 4 months before your marriage.

This is the time where you can spend more time doing all those fancy and romantic stuff with your partner. You should free your mind from unnecessary thoughts that may cause a lot of stress.

There are certain brands of bridal wear who launch their new collections a year in advance from the date of actual product release. They would normally take close to one year to deliver your product. If your marriage is during the winter, then you must confirm your order booking with the cloth manufacturer probably during the summer.

It is also important that you choose the right fabric based on the season you get married. You must choose a bridal dress made from silk or thin fabric if you are getting married during summer. If you are getting married during winter, then you must choose a thick fabric.

Taking too many people for shopping

There can be no woman on this earth who does not like shopping. She loves to do shopping with a large group of people. The best part about shopping with a large group of people is that there would be a lot of fun, sharing a lot of gossips and the atmosphere would be electric.

At the same time, there are few drawbacks from it especially when you are doing the most important shopping of your life which is marriage shopping.

The problem is that when you go for shopping with many people, there would be unnecessary clashes and a lot of friction among people because of the difference of opinion. There would be a lot of interference into your decision and you may have to take decisions against your own choice.

Therefore, it is always advisable not to take more than 2 people for shopping as it will not complicate things.

Ignoring the accessories part

 A bride is incomplete with just a good wedding dress on her. She can consider herself a perfect bride only if she is geared up with all her bridal accessories. The accessories are something which can add value to a bride, the way she looks and enhances her beauty. It is very important that you dedicate some amount of time in deciding on your accessories.

There is a wide range of accessories such as bridal lingerie, robes, hairpins, blushers, headbands and the list never ends. People who come for marriage will be very curious to know how the bride looks like and you must not ignore the accessories. wedding dress for the bride

Choosing a wrong undergarment

A well-chosen gown may look odd or will be uncomfortable to wear if you don’t wear good quality undergarments. What is the point when you spend huge about of money for your bridal gown and end up wearing very low-quality undergarments? It is very important that you choose bridal lingerie which goes well with your gown.

Some gowns have a structured bustier for which a bra is not necessary. There are few gowns which require bra and underwear. Make sure that you choose a bra which is of the correct size and fully functional so that you don’t have to keep pulling up strapless gowns.

Going out of your comfort zone

What is the use of wearing the most expensive bridal dress when you are not comfortable wearing it? When you choose a dress, the first thing that you need to ask yourself is- am I feeling comfortable wearing it? You must simply ignore the one which is not comfortable however beautiful they might be.

If you are not comfortable wearing your bridal dress then your mind will not be at peace. Your level of frustration will show up on your face. Even the most beautifully designed gown will not look good if the woman finds it uncomfortable to wear.

Therefore, it is very important that you give utmost importance to your comfort level which choosing your bridal dresses. Also, there is a very high chance that you might be re-using those dresses which made you feel comfortable.

Not being photo-fliendly

For every woman, her wedding is the most memorable and unforgettable moment in her life. She will never forget the day and would love to remember it for the rest of her life. Photography is arranged by the bride and the groom so that they can re-live those special moments when they see those photos even after many years.

There are certain colours of dresses that do not look good in photos whereas they look very nice in person. Bright colours look different when seen on camera and will give a different form when we see in the picture output.

You need to choose a colour which looks brighter and clear in the flashlight. The best way to approach is to consult with a professional photographer and take their inputs. Do thorough research on the colours that are photogenic and finally come up with good colour for your bridal dress.

Choosing the wrong color

The common mistake that most of the women do when choosing her wedding dress is choosing the wrong colour. They do the necessary homework required to buy a perfect bridal dress. But they end up choosing the wrong colour.

The colour of the bride’s dress must be chosen in such a way that it goes well with the grooms dress colour. The colour must look brighter in the flashlight and this may assist the camera in taking clearer pictures.

Yellow and the pink colour looks very dull in bright light. Pure White and whitish cream colour always looks brighter and amazing in white background light. Therefore, when it comes to dressing colour choose wisely.




Choosing the wrong dress material

Choosing the wrong fabric for the bridal dress is the other common mistake done by a woman. It is very much important that you mention your requirement such as the fabric type, fabric design to the cloth manufacturer.

Make sure that you choose the fabric based on the climatic condition. If it is warm weather go for cotton and lighter fabric which may not show your sweat. During cold weather lookout for heavy fabric.

The dress material that you choose should depend on the kind of look that you want to achieve. If you want to achieve a formal look then go for silk fabric and if you are planning to have a casual look then it would be wise to choose the polyester fabric.


Some of the common mistakes made when choosing a wedding dress for the bride such as trying too many collections, shopping at the wrong time, choosing the wrong undergarments and ignoring the accessories part. These are some of the big mistakes which must be avoided to keep your shopping simple and effective.

It is important that you do your shopping joyfully and with a lot of fun involved in it. When you tend to do anything joyfully, the outcome would be very productive and satisfactory. You might probably wish to shop with a large group of people but the most important thing is to buy good bridal wear for yourself and it is fine with compromising in this aspect.

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